LEVELUP Group Training

Group Training offerForget cold and restrictive outdoor boot camps. Join a small, non-intimidating group and experience the fun way to rapidly burn calories.

LEVELUP Small Group Training is the future of fast and fun, fat-incinerating workouts, set in a dedicated group training studio where intensity and variety go hand in hand:

group kick boxingEVELUP KICKSTARTERS:


LEVELUP Kickstarters is a hybrid kickboxing, martial arts and conditioning class.

Designed to increase your stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination while listening to your favourite tunes.

  • A Rigorous, high intensity workout using controlled punching and kicking combinations carried out with skilled trainers.
  • Develop and learn practical martial arts skills combined with core and bodyweight strength training.
  • Join a small, non-intimidating group and experience a rapid calorie burn in a fun, friendly, safe and supportive environment.
  • No sparring, just tone up fast whilst getting a great total body workout, increased self-confidence and stress relief.



LEVELUP Transformers is results-focussed, small-group indoor workouts.

Using the very best from bodybuilding, kettlebells, tabata, TRX, core, bodyweight, plyometrics, boxing, athletics and kickboxing…

  • We use cutting edge hybrid training strategies to rapidly build and sculpt lean metabolically-active muscle and incinerate body fat.
  • Set in a dedicated Personal Training Studio, we guarantee results by pushing you beyond where you thought your body could take you.
  • Committed and personable trainers to monitor and guide both your training and nutrition to keep you in tune with your body, and seeing and feeling results fast.
  • Transform your physique in a contagiously positive, community atmosphere – where everyone knows your name.

hypertrophy trainingLEVELUP GRUNTERS:


LEVELUP Grunters combines the best from strength, hypertrophy and performance training to unlock your inner athlete and get you in the best shape of your life.

Originally designed for Tough Mudder training, Grunters is guaranteed to make you sweat!!

  • Incinerate body fat and push your body beyond where you ever thought it could go.
  • Set in a dedicated Personal Training Studio, we help transform your physique in a non-intimidating, contagious environment where everyone knows your name.
  • Tailored to accommodate varying levels of strength and fitness.
  • Varied, intense and fun workouts to keep you constantly challenged and never bored.

Speedsters Sprint classLEVELUP SPEEDSTERS:


Forget marathons!!
We all know sprinters are amongst the leanest of athletes in the world...

Speedsters is an outdoor interval session combining medium & high intensity training to improve power, stamina, and of course your overall body composition.
Speedsters is the perfect addition to your weights program for your best body yet!!

All levels of fitness welcome